Naruto and Sasuke together WILL salt Madara!

Which would you rather want to happen?

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Row with the flow.
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I am loving the idea about a Naruto journey...sounds fun to watch (as long as it isn't done like filler). Naruto will however continue something with Kyuubi chakra since Jiraiya revealed the key. Jiraiya was actually the best teacher for Naruto b/c the kyuubi has been his biggest weapon up until this point. I think since Jiraiya focused on that it will not be as big an issue when Naruto gets the key or whatever
donno, Sakura chan will also have to take an active part since she is the 3rd main least I hope...

all team 7 reunited :wtf
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I like the idea of Naruto going to the Sage Mountain, actually, very nice. Also, I have been thinking that Sasuke and Naruto will take down Madara together myself. It would be the prefect time for a reunion . . . :amuse
You have to be damn strong to beat a guy with unlimited uses of Syukomi, Amaterasu and Susano. not to mention other unknown MS capable jutsus. Madara may even has blackhole MS technique like Kakashi.

if the duo wants to beat Madara, Sasuke needs to activate his MS first
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