Naruto [393] pg. 03


Your eyes are mine! I'll take them out slowly.

Colored for approx. 3 hrs.
The susanoo part sucks. I don't know what color I should put, Orange just popped out of my mind.

Hope you like it. ^_^


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i like it

but a few things stick out

first susano's real eyes seem lost because of the color
i think the red is a bit over saturated in the first pannel near itachi

but everything else is good
I personally do not like the Green text bubble, it looks rather strange. There also seems to be too much of a red tone on Itachi's skin. Otherwise it is quite well done. I like the color choice you used in the edited version of Susano'o.
It looks pretty good :amuse I also prefer the second Susano'o but the first Itachi.... Highlights look alright and the shading looks good.
Version one looks a bit sharper, and I like the lighter shade of Susano. Good job on Itachi's face as well!
I had a problem coloring in the eye area... gotta work more on those eyes.
Susano-o looks better in the first version, Itachi looks better in the second one. Both are still good though.
^ so i got to place the itachi panel in the 1st susanoo? a 3rd one. maybe?
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