NaruSaku - by Mel


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Well...I'm not good at drawing, actually I'm pretty don't expect to much of this crap :(

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Sute it has many visible erros, but you can overcome that with pratice, that's how I have overcome mine, and even now I still make some, but what? ninguém é perfeito.
Vais ver que com um pouco mais the prática vais lá.

The idea is very good, ven being I a NaruHina fan,
I like it. The only thing that doesn't convince me is Naruto's nose and maybe it's a little too dark. Aside from that, you did a good job :kthumb. You will improve with more time and practice ;)
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It looks good, I know that Naruto's mouth doesn't look like how someone would usually draw it because of your drawing style. The background was done pretty well, the dark lighting and purple sky were a nice touch.
I think some of their facial proportions need work, and it should be brighter, but it's pretty good!
meh. it's not too bad. You need to make it lighter next time. Also the anatomy is way off, but for someone who has no prior experience, you did really well.
Love your coloring style. Naruto's facial features especially are too pointy but I like the composition of the piece.
The colors are indeed very nice, the darkness fits the mood of the work perfectly. The lineless look is quite nice here and Sakura's expression is perfect, she looks completely drained.
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