K theres literally no appreciation for Nana (Elfen Lied) here so I thought I'd contribute something.

A couple of things went wrong here.

1. I made the moronic mistake of coloring right after my inking so, when I markered with the pink, the black pen ink got all mixed in and it became a big mess. I had to overcolor in some areas to fix this. Hence the blotching.

2. My POS scanner didnt pick up the color and line tones well, so its hard to notice the shading and inking. Makes it look kinda more cartoony than it is in person.

3. I messed up on the pupils so had to make them all black. Lesson learned: pencil out the EXACT details of the eyes before inking. No idea what I was thinking.

But despite the mistakes, I think this came out pretty good; I havent drawn an anime character for- what- a year? So I'm a bit rusty, but I definately think this was alright for my standards.

Let me know!
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