Nami plus Zeus, just how powerful has she become?


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Nami has become kind of a force. This chick stole a soul a powerful weapon from of all people Big Mom. Infact, he wanted to serve her but she threw the Ash Ketchum card and told him he can be her partner. Point is, her attack power now is crazy. Whats her strength rank now?


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The addition of Zeus just maintains her status as glass cannon while providing a believable way for her to still be able to damage mid-high tiers towards the end game. I don't think it effectively changes her fighting style or anything.

Kinda weird that it seems like she's a more effective long range fighter than the crew's sniper.


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She is still a vet lvl. fighter I think. Mostly due to her durability and endurance. Sure she took two solid headbuts from Ulti with some damage,but Ulti is also a vet. lvl fighter.


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didn't one headbutt nearly kill Usopp?
Can't remember, but I don't think so. It made him bleed and he suffered some sort of concussion, but more or less he was on his legs till the end of the fight (so it wasn't even enough to KO him briefly).


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By feats she's Admiral level since her Haki allows her to inflict critical damage on Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji at the same time.

Admirals are known for having elemental abilities so she fits the bit :maiscust
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