My second sig! :D


Haters Gonna Hate
My second sig I've made. I like this one (even though its kinda messy), but yea critque is always welcome. :3

This is my first sig, so you can compare:


BTW, if you happen to know the artist is, please post her/his name here. I'd like to credit him/her and ask to use his/her image before I keep it permently.​
i really like the sakura one, i think the text really fits well and the bg is alright but still good. Also i don't know who the artist is
smile-big the bg is good and the stock is good as well i just dont like how the stock and the bg flow together it just doesnt fit for some reason. but still good
I don't like the red box and line thing. Like whamslam3 said about the gb stock. Other than that nice job keep trying.
I think it looks great! Well done!:thumbs

The only thing I would say to do would be to make Sakura a little more blended. She stands out a bit too much. Perhaps you could use a color balance and make her some shade of gray, that way she would match the bg a little more. I love how you put your name is the bg, too. It looks awesome!:amuse
Add a bit more color to the background and then make the text more visable. Other than that, its good for your second try. Text is always a tricky thing even for the most skilled though!!
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