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My Male Naruto Character Hot Tier List


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No Filler and Gods will be added like the Ōtsutsuki Clan members and similar.


SSS-Rank: Would Marry

SS-Rank: Hot Af and would not resist to smash

S-Rank: Hot but now I fallen into a thirst trap

A-Rank: Hot but could keep calm

B-Rank: Cute but not at thirst trap level

C-Rank: Average Looking

D-Rank: Decently Ugly

F-Rank: Male Naruto Characters That Are Ugly As F*ck

SSS-Rank: Asuma, Sarutobi- I would marry and sleep with everynight if I could, Hidan- He is so hot and would let him smash me anytime, Madara Uchiha I'm sorry if a man who could beat up a whole allied shinobi alliance with his dick if wanted too wants head he will get it that thing would be massive he could pull it out and the shinobi alliance would get killed,

SS-Rank: Naruto Uzumaki- He is way fucking sexier than Sasuke have you seen him shirtless, Fourth Raikage- He is hot and black so he has a big meat for sure, Shisui Uchiha- Hot and sexy af

S-Rank: Shikamaru- He is smart and very hot imo good qualities, Kakashi- He is hot a threesome with naruto would be great

A-Rank: Obito- I would have a friends with beifits thing with him, Itachi Uchiha- He is hot and if he does things to me I would find it hot for him to tell me things in the Itachi way, Omoi and Cee both are really hot by their looks and I would have a friends with benifts relationship with them. Kiba- He is very hot

B-Rank: Rock Lee- People don't understand this guy is hot, Gaara I find him above average in looks and I could see hitting up, Kisame is hot af not going to lie, Sasori- He is pretty cute, Minato- Hot like very hot imo, Jugo- Borderline cute for me,

C-Rank: Sasuke- He isn't all that attractive imo, Neji Hyuga- Long hair isn't my cup of tea unless your thor or some badass and he looks average. Orochimaru- He can take my body and expierement on me if he makes me stronger I guess, Kabuto- Just isn't for me, Deidera- Not ugly but not my type at all, Hashirama- very average to me, Tobirama- Average looking, Jiraiya- can't say nothing about him, Yamato- Weird faces he would make, Killer Bee- Just average looking, Darui- Average looking, Suigetsu- Average looking,

D-Rank: Shino- He is forgetable, Might Guy- For some reason he isn't hot as Rock Lee, Zabuza- He isn't ugly simpl as that, Zetsu- Just not going to happen at all, Nagato- Just kinda ugly, Kakazu- Not going to happen and would be too kinky for me, Iruka- He is not even a hot teacher vibe lol, Hiruzen- He is old and ugly but younger him would place higher, Sai- Not attractive at all, Chojuro- Lol, Ao- forgetable as well,

F-Rank: Choji- He is ugly but if I had to choose from the F rank I would choose him tho tbh, Kankaru- I know not all many of ya'll gay but not no guy or girl is going to say they want to go down on Kankaru like fucking gross, Haku- He throws me off and it would be weird, Sound four guys- They look wrong i can't put my finger on it, Onoki- Just no, Danzo- We know why he is here,

Tell me I forgot someone important and the next would be naruto male characters with the biggest Johnson
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I'd rather have a hot girl contest than this. :hm

Meh, though I guess it would be funny if we got a dick contest between the hottest guys in the story and who would be the greatest chick magnet out of them... :hmm

Prime Teen Sasuke got all girls in his pocket
Make a female version. I don't like girls tbh. So curious to who people find hot on the girls side. I'm making a naruto male dick size prediction list today


hi it's me t0x
Well, this explains your crusade for making NBD rate Asuma "fairly" at least. You had a crush on him all along :mikebatman
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