My Grimoire [Project Journal]


My Grimoire is the title of my planned original series. Currently being developed either as a Book with Illustrations, A Light Novel, or a WEBTOON/Manga/Comic.

Overview: Four Hundred Years have passed since the time the man now known as "The Bogeyman" once roamed the world, blanketing all of its corners in fear and terror. Long has his name fallen into legend, to be forgotten. Oblivion was his destiny after all. Yet mysteriously he has reemerged from the shadows, at the very heart of the modern world, New York City. His return to the world stage marks a disruption in how the powers that be have operated for the past centuries. A time of upheaval, adventure, and revolution is on its way. The Bogeyman's goal is set, and the die cast. He is Aurelian Sinclair, and he shall rule this world.

Earth Saga:
Act 1: America

Aurelian awakens under the auspices of the Death God Anubis as his Revenant in

Act 2: Asia
Act 3: Europe
Act 4: Mesopotamia

Eden Saga:
Act 1:⁶
Act 2:
Act 3:
Act 4:
Final Saga:
Act 1:
Act 2:
Act 3:
Act 4:
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I think the basic design of the character is good, but I think there's to much color and detail on the armor.. looks too schizophrenic and thus unappealing.


I agree on all counts. The design isn’t done by any means. And this appearance is more of a “form” in the story than anything else. I’m still far from finished with this iteration of his design.

His design at the start of story is solely black and purple. Very simple with the Egyptian chest piece. As you can see I’m still having some trouble cracking what his legs are ultimately going to look like at this stage though.


DATA Index Layout template
For Organizational purposes


October 30th 2045 A.D.
Five Miles Below the Earths Surface:
Deep within a massive highly technologically advanced complex, within Chamber 64389000, a being not seen for Four Centuries, stirs once more.

From within a Black sarcophagus, molded in the likeness of the Death God Anubis, a ragged man exploded out. The sudden accumulation of energies temporarily knocking out all the power within this silicon coated labyrinth.

His feeble body, not yet regained of its strength, forces is him to his knees with a grunt. He feels his senses begin to return to him.


A sensation all too familiar. He takes a moment to study himself and find it’s source. A strong frame, his body nearly entirely coated tightly to his skin in a black, hard material, that upon close inspection had the indentations of reptilian scales upon them.

He reached to inspect further, and came upon a metallic chest plate, in the style of the Egyptian Pharaohs. A “gift” from Anubis, he thought a moment, or more his shackle… He continued, touching beneath the chest plate to the tip of a scar that ran diagonally through his torso. The old scar pulsed in an emerald glow that might have burn the flesh of an normal man.

awakens to find himself in an all too unfamiliar environs, eventually coming upon a walking machine, cast in the crude shape of a man. V-518GIL, the machine introduces itself as a creation of “The Engineer” , in fact the entire facility had been designed by the Engineer as far back as the First World War.

V-518GIL is a medic Bot, one of many designed to monitor and resuscitate

The Great Ordering
The First War
The Golden Age
The Titanomachy
The War for the Throne of Heaven
The Dawn Age of Man
The Great Deluge of the Cosmos
The Age of Sorrows
The First Age of Heroes
The Second Age of Heroes
The Founding of the Grand Noble Houses
The Age of Cycles

The Modern Age


Act 1: America
Themes: Existentialism, Logic, Family, Relationships, Artificiality, Mortality, Ancestral Knowledge, Community, and Nature

Act 2: Asia
Themes: Spirituality, Traditionalism, Progressivism, Mythology, Inheritance, Legacy

Act 3: Europe
Themes: Piety, Emotions, Idealism, Hope, Racism, Control, Power

Act 4: The Middle East
Themes: Fate and Destiny, Nihilism, oblivion, and purpose

"The Outlaws"
1. Aurelian Sinclair
2. Felicity Ashford
3. Nathaniel Veritas
4. Victor McIntyre
5. Isaac Witter
6. Allison Reeves
7. Suzuka Madarame


1. The Iron Masons
Locations: Underground Facility, Unknown
a) Machina
b) Nether Element: Ars Goetia
1A) Origins
-The Fall of Camelot

2. The Algernon Syndicate
Location: Manhattan, NY
a) Espers
b) Cardinal Energy: Astral
1A) Origins
-The First Great Age of Heroes

3. Clocktower Sororitas
Location: Manhattan, NY
a) Homunculi
b) Grand Element: Chrono
1A) Origins
-The Illuminati

4. Bastion of the Undying
Location: Sleepyhollow, NY
a) Revenants
b) Grand Element: Khora
-The Dawn Age of Man

5. Covenant of Babel
Location: Salem, MA
a) Mages
b) The Demiurge: Mana and Magic
-The Dawn Age of Man

6: The Amazondi Nation
Location: Grand Canyon, AZ
a) Hunters
b) Grand Element: Phantoma
1A) Origins
-The Dawn Age of Man


7. The Neo Pantheon
a) Demigods
b) Grand Element: Apotheos
1A) Origins
-The Dawn Age of Man

8. The Shatapatha Brood
a) Dragoons
b) Blood of Dragons
-The First Age of Heroes

9. Creed of the White Lotus
a) Yaskha
b) Grand Element: Vajra
-The Age of Sorrows

10. The Triple Union Society
a) Shen-long (Leviathans)
b) Blood of Hydras
-The First Age of Heroes

The Tenshi Alliance
a) Slayers
b) Cardinal Energy: Spirit
1A) Origins
-The First Age of Heroes

12. Brotherhood of the Extreme Path
a) Akuma's
b) Grand Element:
1A) Origins
-The First Age of Heroes


13. Temple of Our Lady
a) Scryers
b) Cardinal Energy: Ether
1A) Origins
-The Dawn Age of Man

14. Knights of Corbenik
a) Nephilim
b) Grand Element: Empyrean
1A) Origins
-The Dawn Age of Man

15. Order of Enoch
a) Apostles
b) The Demiurge: Telesma
1A) Origins
-The Dawn Age of Man

16. Fangs of Ulster
a) Werewolves
b) The Suburge: Airgetlam
1A) Origins
-The Dawn Age of Man

17. Fists of Olympus
a) Basilisks
b) Blood of Behemoths
1A) Origins
-The First Age of Heroes

18. Wahr Blutreich
a) Vampires
b) The Antiurge: Seither
1A) Origins
-The Dawn Age of Man


19. Chapel of Annihilation
a) Erinyes
b) The Suburge: Sanguinus
1A) Origins The Dawn Age of Man

20. Sabers of Scheherazade
a) Djinn
b) Nether Element: Soma
1A) Origins
-The Dawn Age of Man

21. Eyes of Horus
a) Slyphs
b) Blood of the Phoenix
1A) Origins
-The Second Age of Heroes

23. League of Aksum
a) Shamans
b) The Demiurge: Orichalchum
1A) Origins
-The Dawn Age of Man

23. The Owls of Alamut
a) Alchemists
b) Cardinal Energy: Quantum
-The First Age of Heroes

24. Heretical Cult of the Midnight Dawn
a) Cambions
b) Grand Element: Iblis
-The Dawn Age of Man
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The Twelve Elements of the Sefirot Tree:
1. Plasmos (Plasma)
2. Svet (Light)
3. Fulgur (Lightning)
4. Shengyin (Sound)
5. Imiq (Water)
6. Al Raml (Sand)
7. Aat (Crystal)
8. Blath (Flowers)
9. Nawkaw (Wood)
10. Deataigh (Smoke)
11. Hi (Fire)
12. Cotta (Clay)

The Twelve Elements of the Qlippoth Tree:
1. Cuauhcamac (Void)
2. Eodum (Darkness)
3. Varytita (Gravity)
4. Pavana (Wind)
5. Khon (Blood)
6. Daigdig (Earth)
7. Derleth (Bone)
8. Veneno (Venom)
9. Ibaje (Acid)
10. Tahepuia (Magma)
11. Tomop (Metal)
12. Frosh (Ice)


~The Iron Masons~

Classification: The Machina
Organization: The Iron Masons
1. The Asclepius
2. The Vitruvians
3. The Prometheans
4. The Patriots
5. The Automata
Class Affinity:
Nether Element: Ars Goetia

The Machina:
Founded as a secret RND Project by the worlds largest private interest group: The Ambrose Corporation. The Ambrose Corporation came to world renown through their efforts in advanced robotics and cybernetics.
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