My first coloring- Sasuke

Its really not that bad for a first coloring. It appears to anime-like, but that is by no means bad. The shading on the eyebrows makes it a little difficult to distinguish the eyebrows, but it is good.
Huh, for a first coloring it's not bad. Just colours aren't great. And if you are doing sharp shading, do it everywhere (in your art, on hair is soft shading, and on skin is sharp shading). Keep that ;)

Wtf? Tripple post? Sorry for that 2 posts next o.O
I like it. First time it's great, Skin seems a little pale..that's the only thing I don't like.
Looks pretty good for a first coloring! The skin color is a bit pale, but the shading is coming along well and the hair is looking pretty nice :amuse
Pretty good for a first coloring and agree that you should try and stick to one form of shading for each coloring. The hard shading portion (on his face) looks better than the soft (on his hair). Keep it up!
It's pretty good. There are a few white spots in Sasuke's hair. The shading on his face looks a bit odd without any shading on his neck below it. Other than those, I like it.
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