My first coloring: Chapter 311, Page 09


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Hi guys!

It's my first work and I hope some of you like it!

Please be kind :ano

I post my second work too.
Thanks to all of you!

Vacation-Naruto is back!
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it's really nice! good job. Sakura's skin color looks a bit weird to me but the whole pic looks good :thumbs
It looks very nice for a first time :amuse The shading looks decent as well as the great color choices. Keep up the good work!
The eyes look rather well, and I prefer the tone you chose. The only problem I have is the sky, which seems a little too light for my liking. Though you certainly did well for your first attempt.

Thanks to all of you!

I updated my first post to add my second coloring (Cover 391)
You did a nice job adding the sparkle to their eyes :) I like the light colors you used as well.
The color of Naruto's skin in the second one is a bit darker then normal. But besides that nicely done. :amuse
On the first one: It's great. =D If you cleaned the scan up more, it would be better tho. OUt of the two, I like this one best. =D It looks soft and I would love to use it for an icon if the line art was cleaner.
On the second one: Naruto seems a bit too tan in the face, or maybe that's just me. D:

But seriously, you're great for your first time. <3 I know you'll keep improving after practice, so I can't wait too see your colorish in the future, especially when its great already. X3
Looks great for your first time! I like your use of shading, and the colors flow together nicely.
Its not too bad for your first coloring. THe colors are a bit off, but with a little more practice it could be great~
Wow! Pretty darn good for a first try. Just add a little more detail to your shadings next time, and you'll be all good.
Not bad at all for your first and second tries. I do think that Naruto's skintone for the second picture should be a little less yellowish and slightly darker.
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