my favorite one piece amv

Hmm, the only thing I really didn't like about that video was the subtitles. Jango and Fullbody living it up disco style ? even to Eurobeat! ? are always win, but unintentional subtitles in an AMV is, alas, my biggest AMV pet peeve.

But to continue the thread, here's my favourite One Piece AMV: "Sail On" by Many Lemons.


Some of mine ... Enjoy ^^
Masaki said:
Sail On ended the thread.
It's a hard one to top, I agree.

As for that other AMV I mentioned, I was finally able to upload it to veoh. It's another comedy AMV and a relatively old one at that, but I always thought it was a good bit of fun. :)

by 40 Dollar Productions.
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