My Chemical Romance Vs. Fallout Boy

1) Singing Contest
a) Their own songs
b) Both bands sing the song of the other band
2) GAR contest
3) My Chemical Romance Fans Vs. Fallout Boy Fans
4) Basketball- All members of each band play basketball
5) Rapefest- Which Vocalist can rape the most people?
In singing, FOB wins, but in basketball, due to height, MCR wins, in rapefest, I think no one:zaru
2) GAR contest


Srsly, don't ever use the holy world GAR near those fucking emo bands. NEVER.
^I agree with the above. The fail created by this contest could threaten to destroy the universe.
fall out boy fans, gay men and 11-17 year old girls. MCR fans = emos worldwide. With guns.
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