My Art: Beelgarion's signatures

Ok there some of my signatures, I'll add more when I can.
Graphic desigh
The power is never enought

View the other pages to see more of the sigs ^_^
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Not bad, but you need to learn new things. Try looking at some tutorials, they help a lot. I like the smoothness and simplicity, but more should be done to them.

Keep it up :amuse
To much text with crappy effects on them, check out some tutorials in some places. Like pixel2life or gamerenders or other gfx sites.
I like them, you have a different style than most, but I like them. I especially like the second one in the original post. I also like the fact that you have such unique borders, it really adds to them. You might want to try to use some better effects/less renders, but they still look great!
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