Must Be Your Skin. [OC's, sketch.]


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Okay, here's some background first-- Ichijin Denjiro (guy) is married to (nee Aburame) Akitaka (girl). They're both Jounin, but Aki's pregnant so she's just doing light paperwork and such until she has to stay home and have the baby, heh.

Aki is somewhat shy, but Den's helped her out of her shell a LOT since he met her. Like she doesn't wear her clan gear that hides her appearance anymore, and she's a lot more social. But anyway, she's still bashful about public displays of affection, but Den really isn't, heh. So Aki's seated on a desk, or table, or something, filing some paperwork, and someone is clearly talking to her but Den is totally ignoring them right now, heh. Which means it's probably not important, heh. Most likely Shikamaru stopping in that office telling them that if Temari comes looking for him, to tell her they haven't seen him.

Thanks guys! :D I'll definitely take everything into account when drawing/tweaking the lineart. :)
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