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Don't worry; I'll tuck you in.
Okay, I knew there was a similar thread like this one somewhere, but I can't find it. I thought it was a good thread and I think that if the old one got trashed, we need a new one.

Purpose of this thread:

Imagine a beautiful flower. It stands proudly, its delicate pedals glow softly in the happy sunlight. Its sweet fragrance is alluring, shifting everyone's attention to the beautiful flower.

However, the flower is suffocating. Suffocating because it's being overshadowed by weeds. The weeds stretch as far as the eye can see and spread like a virus, killing all and showing no mercy. They've taken care of everything...

...everything, that is, but the beautiful flower.

This thread aims to save the flower that is quality fanfiction and eliminate the weeds that are insults to the language arts (fanfiction that sucks). Notice how there was only one flower among the field of weeds? That's how fanfiction is like these days: a rare good fic drowning in a sea of mediocre. Here, you'll hopefully find out how to improve your own writing ability from this thread and help save quality fanfiction.

That's all I have for now. I will take suggestions and develop this thread further. Firstly, though, I need someone to tell me: what happened to the old thread? Until I get an answer, I shouldn't add any more content.

If it still exists and I simply didn't find it or the Search function overlooked it, then can someone trash this thread?

Please don't post yet!!!
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