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Most satisfying moment from manga or anime


Ichigo no diffing Aizen in their final battle and Kisuke finishing the job
It is one of the moments I dislike in Bleach manga the most, exactly cause Kisuke was like "ok good boy". Just according to keikaku Urahara version while the kid gave his all and lost everything he had inside (for that moment). Kinda feels opposite of satisfying to me.


Well-Known Member
Smfh, no one commenting on how Takezo fought 70 dudes from the Yoshioka clan.

That moment was great.


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My fav moment in all of anime is proly all might VS the nomu.

All might beats a creature that was genitically designed to beat him. Pretty satisfying to me.


Sakura + Sasuke = Sharinglasses
Sasuke killing(genjutsu :sadpanda) Sakura

Ussop rejoining strawhats

Mustang incinerating Envy

Sendo walking up the guy he manhandled and saying "This is what I've got"

Entire Slime season 1


The OG Dango
The last episode of Clannad After Story and Code Geass. The 2 most satisfying endings in anime history for me.

Shirou using 9 lives Blades works was pure hype, extremely satisfying since I've been waiting over a decade to see it finally animated, and ufotable never dissapoints. When the EMIYA remix hit I fangasmed.

The Final scene of Your Name. My friends were literally screaming at them to turn around lmao.

Don't wanna get too spoilery but the end Houken vs Shin was great too

Last shoutout I'll give is to Vinland Saga. Thorfinn's whole character development was extremely satisfying.

Van Basten

Black Lives Matter
I don’t like the series, but in Overlord when Ains (MC) kills that assassin/serial killer chick in the graveyard.

That was a pretty sweet.


∟ v a g a b o n d
Feeling nostalgic about Berserk atm so that's all I'm gonna shoutout for now

1. When Casca recovered her mind after over 20 years of waiting following what happened to her at the end of the Golden Age arc.

2. When Miura (rip GOAT) recently let readers find out a bit more about the Skull King's enigmatic past (and by proxy the God Hand too), a gratifying moment for sure.

3. Anytime Guts fought and mercilessly skewered apostles in glorious Miura artworks/panels. Particularly in the Black Swordsman arc as it was to avenge all his friends from the original Band of the Hawk.

Vandal Savage

Supporting Staff
The penultimate episode of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam where at least half of the annoying and terrible characters in that series get killed off one after the other. One of my regrets is that there were still a handful of characters I hated that got to keep living.
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