Moonlight Shukaku


Good Morning / Evening / Night / Afternoon - wherever you all live! I have some more scribbles to share with you! This one is of my favorite bijuu - that wonderfully psychotic raccoon: Shukaku.

Moonlight Shukaku
- 1024x503

Oh, goodness! You've done such a nice job on Shukaku. Love the swirly markings and the sand cloud and the way he seems to be lit by reflected moonlight.

Awesome. it looks really cool. I love the details. wonderful job.

(Sorry if you have a double post, there is something wrong with NF in my school and I cannot make it work or comment anything
Amazing, Shukaku was drawn very well. The moonlight background looks very nice, and that slight fog makes it look even better. The coloring is what truly made this picture great, excellent job with that.
It is truely an amzing sketch. I adore Shukaku, well in the English version they make him sound country :(
OMG :wtf gorgeous details and color choices for night time scene.
That's quite nice! I like the background a lot, and the colors flow together well.
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