Monarch's army invades 616-Earth


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The Monarch from Countdown with his entire army and fleet and champions are at their power ans strength before Prime attacked them.

1). Post Civil War / World War Hulk.

2). Pre House of M / Avengers: Dissasembled

3). Post House of M / Avengers: Dissasembled but Pre Civil War
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Luckily for Monarch, current earth has very little magic and high level telepathy, which is where his army is lacking.

Essentially, its 2 Justice League copies (the Crime Society and his hand picked squad), a Dr Doom analogue with his cronies (Lord Havok and the Extremists), a massive army of fodder (including spaceships and future tech) and Monarch himself, whom is at least a planet buster, though proving himself to be a universe buster on 2 occasions. (at least)

I'd say Marvel Earth is screwed.. short of cosmic intervention.
Wait...How is Pre-House of M Earth losing again?

Short of cosmic intervention- Ie, Dr Strange calls up help, Jean Grey goes Phoenix, Wanda pulls a fast one etc, Marvel Earth cannot match Monarch's army indivdual on indivdual- there's just too many planet busters on Monarch's team, and Monarch himself has too much power.

Of course, there are more telepaths pre HoM, so the key would be for the TP's to start working quickly enough before Johnny Quick or one of the other speed blitzers takes them out.
technically in the last issues before disassembled he is on earth, actually the world in general is in very rough shape right before Disassembled so that may give Monarch a chance
If worse comes to worse I would imagine Monarch would rip his armor off, then everybody loses. :zaru
^^He only destroyed that baby universe because he destroyed the earth. In DC once earth is gone the universe is gone
Post Pre House of M / Avengers: Dissasembled - I don't believe any combination of the current earth would be able to manage.

The power houses that could help before this are-
Odin Force Thor
Classic Strange
Classic Black Bolt
Molecule Man
Full Chaos wave Wanda
^^He only destroyed that baby universe because he destroyed the earth. In DC once earth is gone the universe is gone

Universe 15 wasn't destroyed when Earth was destroyed. Universe 51 was stated to have been destroyed by the sheer force of the explosion spreading.

Also it's New Earth's destruction that will collapse the multiverse, I don't think it's ever been clearly stated that the same was true for any of the others.
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