Michael Jackson Vs. Michael Jordan

Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan got angry at each other and wanted to show the other MIchael that he is the best.
There are 5 tests.
1. Basketball contest- 1on1, official rules, regular length game.
2. Singing Contest- singing 3 songs, Thriller, I believe I can fly and Famous Last words.
3. Rape Contest- Whoever rapes the most people wins.
4. GAR Contest- Who has the most GAR.
5 Michael Jackson Fans VS. Michael Jordan Fans-
a) Primitive weapons only
b) Modern weapons only
1- Michael jackson wins by using force whips, and kicks without touching, so no fault are scored.
2-Michael Jackson wins two out of three
3- Michael Jacksons put sensual back in non consensual
4- Michael Jordan takes this ome
Michae Jackson has force powers and wins either version
Jordan - By complete and utter annihilation
Jackson - No contest here
Jackson - Once again no contest
Jordan - Chicago fans + every kid who saw space jam who's grown up by now vs. Who ever is actually still supporting a known p*d*p****.
Jordan - If this is for the fans then see above if not Jordan is bigger an much more athletic he stomps.
Jordan - ditto.
1. Michael Jackson moonwalks Jordan into submission
2. Michael Jackson takes this one
3. will be seeing Michael Jackson in court shortly
4. I'd say a tie
5 Michael Jackson Fans VS. Michael Jordan Fans-
a) Everyone dies
b) Everyone dies
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