Meta cooler Vs Android 17


Will Rep for Food!! ;)
Cooler in this form was able to take on two SSJ's at one while we know that 17 and 18 were at least capable of beating Vegeta at that level (as seem in manga)

who's the winner?
Andoird 17 easily. He can kill super saiyans and fight super namekians, which are stronger than super saiyans, on the fly.

He also has unlimited energy and will just beat Cooler over and over and over until he figures out he has to just destroy the entire planet.
It takes atleast Ni Dankai level Saiyajin to beat 17.

Cooler was beaten by first level Super Saiyajins.
Metal Coola stomped two SSJ

Android 17 was capable of the same thing, but also went toe-to-toe with Kamicolo.

However, with the regeneration+correction-of-any-flaws as well as Instant Transmission and planet busting if he needs it I'm going out on a limb to say Metal Coola with difficulty.
With the Big Getti Star Meta Cooler wins after several times of failing to beat 17, without Big Getti star it ends pretty quick.
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