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Member of the Month Nomination Thread -- May 2021


Forest Sage
Member of the Month Nomination Thread
May 2021

The Naruto Avenue Battledome receives the contribution of hundreds of threads and thousands of posts every month, all from an immeasurable number of members that we've affectionately come to know as the "Battledome community". It's something we are ever grateful for, and we hope everyone continues on with their willingness to share!

But each month, we'd like to take the opportunity to try and recognize one poster of upstanding quality, to pay tribute to their works, and to forever immortalize them in our section's Hall of Fame. This is the basis for our prize: the Naruto Avenue Battledome's Member of the Month award. And it's up to you, the community, to help decide who wins.

For reference, a Battledome Member of the Month is a poster who:

1. Fosters healthy discussion and constructive debate.
2. Posts courteously and consistently, with wisdom and reasoning.
3. Is helpful, friendly and encouraging to other members, especially new ones!
4. Always abides by the rules of the forum as well as the rules of the section.
5. In general, is a good role model for other posters of the Battledome.

We have the option of nominating for a week and then the votes will begin. The upper limit of members you may nominate is six. If you nominate more than six people, only the first six listed will be considered!

Following this, a voting thread will be opened where the next Member of the Month will be decided by the community via a public vote. Voting is to remain open for exactly seven days, and will end with the votes being tallied, and the winner being announced.

Please note that "veto requests" can be submitted to moderators via private messages. A veto request is where regular members can appeal to have certain nominee/s be disqualified and not be included in the voting list. A veto request should be based on objective examples (and those examples must be linked in the private message) which include, but may not be limited to:
A certain nominee has made trolling, baiting, or flaming threads or posts during the month.
A certain nominee was banned during the month in question or during the voting period.
Remember that the Naruto Battledome moderators will still carefully review the list of nominees too, along with the veto nominations.

If you have any further questions, feel free to private message a section moderator.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to all!

Mad Scientist

Skyclad Observer
A lot of potential candidates this time around. Here is who I noted and some posts of theirs.

Because Itachi's reputation doesn't actually entail his full strength. Shinobi like the Sannin are feared and respected more than Itachi because their reputation tells you how powerful they really are, which isn't the case with Itachi.

A random ninja will fear Orochimaru much more than Itachi, despite Itachi being stronger.

Itachi and Kisame never mentioned that Jiraiya was stronger than they thought after they retreated, but Jiraiya found out Itachi was more dangerous than he thought (Amaterasu).

Other examples are the two ninja who were talking about how the bingo book days Itachi killed his clan and how they wished they were the ones to kill Itachi.

Another one is Asuma saying he'll kill Itachi.

Clearly the shinobi world in general doesn't know how strong Itachi is, his reputed strength doesn't tell the whole story.

With that said, Tsunade nor Kakashi had full knowledge of Itachi's abilities. Even if they did, their estimation of what team is needed to beat him isn't evidence of Itachi's limits.

Jiraiya doesn't know how strong Itachi really is. In fact I'd argue Jiraiya, based on his knowledge, doesn't believe there were a single ninja that is definitively stronger than him at that time.

Also OP, since Jiraiya = Itachi, do you concede these bunch of Chunin are enough for Jiraiya too?


When it comes to his Kamui, the main thing is his ability to see the target, or perceive (generally speaking) as that's how the technique works: He sees where the target is // determines how much chakra he needs // finally create a barrier around it to warp it. His ability to see the target doesn't magically get enhanced in a team setting and neither is the target somehow easier to see with a linear trajectory. It might be that the target is travelling linearly but too fast for him to see—in which case, he will fail. Similarly, the target might have irregular movements but he would still be able to see it—in which case, he will succeed.

You're entertaining an absurd notion, and the last time it was argued (by a Tsunade-supporter, no less), I was almost tempted to point out that Tsunade has never summoned Katsuyu when the opponent was pressuring her, so what gives that cases get made in NBD?

Regardless of kamui's effectiveness, I feel it's pretty obvious why Kakashi didn't just use kamui right off the bat vs Deva, and that reason would be chakra. He knows from the intel given by Fukasaku that there's 6 bodies that possess rinnegan abilities. He knows that one of the abilities Pain possesses is the ability to heal and revive other bodies that are dead, so even in the event he successfully landed kamui on Deva, it's no guarantee that the path would stay down, and he'd just have wasted an extremely large portion of his chakra. He also knows that even in the event that they all managed to defeat the bodies, the mystery of "the real one is not among them" is still left unsolved and for all he knows they're still at risk.

When Choza and co show up to assist him, he even remarks something along the lines of "I had something in mind, but with you guys here I can save chakra", letting us know that indeed part of the thought process in his head was being able to keep fighting beyond defeating Deva.

Sure, Indra’s Arrow, Bijuudama, CST, Kirin, C4, Jinton, Daikodan and most of Hashirama’s jutsu would wipe out entire platoons of some kage levels under certain stips and they never landed clean on any ninja on panel - ever

As far as ocular Jutsu is concerned we already had Itachi “GG” a Sannin, who at a certain point in the manga were hyped above anyone else known, with a 3T Sharingan... so yea.. I’m sure the vastly superior Mankegyou Sharingan technique with god in it’s title can manage to mortally clip a kage level somewhere out there in the verse

This is ignoring the fact that Kakashi put a Raikiri on a high kage level’s face (V2, 3T, Rinnegan, Immortal, Sozo+’Regen Shared Vision Perfect Jinchuriki), so it’s safe to say it’s easier for him to look at someone with Kamui activated than it is to counter blitz and put his hand on a face. To be clear he nearly did the same to Deva Path in the PA, the hand to face thing, before a chakra rod, which he could have taken out with his left hand if he had knowledge, manipulated his right. Deva Path is the body that was gymnastic flipping over FRS while simultaneously one paneling multiple blindsiding SM Naruto clones without Shinra Tensei available - for reference.

So if you were to assume he couldn’t hit a kage level with Kamui, he can always fall back on his high kage right hand of god headshot, which apparently now is easier for him to land than Kamui. Who knew, go figure.

When all else fails do what Darui did, throw a weapon and then cast your Jutsu, and you can blow up Historical Legends. Or just say fuck it and cast your Jutsu outright to blow a historical legend away

Darui sword throw and Laser Circus > Kamui ???? Laser Circus vs. Historical Legend with your best friend hostage > Kamui vs all kage levels ???! :gabe

Thread over, close it.

@Crimson Flam3s
I have seen a couple of claims stating that a Kunai or projectile of similar speed is all it takes to counter a right or left eye offensive Kamui shot, but this is sadly mistaken. These claims are based off these facts:

-TSB's speed being matched by a Kunai.

-Madara's TSB being fast enough to interrupt Obito warping into Kamui land

-Kakashi's attempt on Obito is interrupted by Madara's rasengan arm projectile

-Obito and Kakashi needing to synchronize their Kamui's to act as a single pair and doubling Obito's self warping speed vs the TSBs.

However we know that when Obito transfers to boxland , The only time right or left eye Kamui has been interrupted, was when Obito was warping himself, or when he was being warped with his left eye by Kakashi. All feats support that whether it's the left or right eye being used, only Obito suffers from this limitation.

If it also applied when Kakashi or Obito warped other objects or people, Kakashi or Obito would have never been able to:

- Activate 3T and warp a Susanoo arrow faster than he can dodge or someone like Danzo can weave signs. It took SM Kabuto to sidestep these arrows.


-Deva path's shinra Tensei Nail would have reached Kakashi before he could trick Deva with Kamui at the last instant.

- Almost warp a speedster like Minato who thought that if Obito grabbed him a split second before his counter, he would loose the battle.

Obito also would not have been able to warp Sakura before Madara's desperate TSB staff throw reaches her which btw happens after the whole TSB countering self warp Kamui scene.

Feel free to leave any thoughts or counter points with panels if you disagree with anything.

Danzo is formidable, but I think Pain is generally out of his pay grade.

R1: Izanagi blindsides are troublesome for a lot of cast without sensing capabilities, auto defense, or other counters. Pain has shared vision, which lessens the likelihood of the blindside occurring. As others have stated, even if one occurs, the paths can be revived. Danzo's main offensive arsenal is fuuton ninjutsu, which preta can absorb. Likewise, Pain has quite a few ways to kill Danzo: BT to soul rip, ST, animal path summons, asura misses, etc. Again, Danzo is not weak by any means, but I think Pain is way too versatile for him and counters a lot of his abilities. However, Koto is a whole other thing.

R2: Since frog song worked on the paths, Koto may work on Pain. However, im unsure if it would be work Nagato himself, or turn a singular path onto his side. The former would give Danzo the dub and the two turn konoha into a prison state. The latter would give Danzo another teammate, but if it doesn't work on Nagato then couldn't Nagato theoretically disable that path. I don't know if Nagato can operate like that, but if he can't, the battle would drastically change. If Deva, I could see them winning.

Thought/question: could preta path absorb ST?

If human, with CT restricted, they may lack a reliable way to disable cerebus bar soul rip, so I would lean towards the duo.

I'd probably give it to Pain 8/10 times or so, unsure of the diff. I'm super open to hear others' opinions about this though.

R3: I'm honestly not sure how much Fuu and Torune would add here. Fuu might be able to pull some mind transfer shenanigans, but how would they function with the paths? Could he occupy an individual path, or control Nagato himself? Torune could be devastating if he lands a blow, but overall I would lean towards Pain. Mid diff or so.

R4: Given how unsure I am on how Koto or Fuu's abilities function with Pain, I can't really say for sure. If Nagato is controlled with Koto, they win. If Fuu's abilities work on Nagato too, and they can potentially Nagato and disable/demobilize the paths while he's in control, I could see them disabling the paths while Fuu's in control and cheesing a dub. If Danzo and Fuu can only control one path each, they could one if they choose the right paths; I could see that 50/50. However, again, I really can't say for sure; I'm unsure of how these abilities function with Pain/Nagato.

Honourable mentions: @LostSelf @NamesClassified @Stonaem @ZmkSc
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