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Susanoo + the sword of Totsuka. The sheer brutality of Orochimaru's torso getting jackknifed in half and then melted into goo. It's a f'in undodgable incorporeal spirit sword that spells instadefeat.

Who's going to get the ***MEGASTAB*** next?

Itachi: All Right, Sasuke. Got anything else?

Naruto: Sasuke!!! Gurk!!


Itachi: Next?

Sakura: Sasuke-kun!!



Itachi: Next?

Uchiha Madara: Hahaha, I am the most powerful ninja in the world. What the---?


Itachi: Next?

Pein: I have like six bodies, dude! I mean --- My name is Pein... and no it isn't an obvious wordplay; it's an obvious wordplay in -Japanese- -syllables-! Pe-in!


Itachi: Next?

I mean, can the Uchiha get even more powerful? You have instakill genjutsu Tsukuyomi. If you're somehow invulnerable to genjutsu, which requires -hahaha- a sharingan, then instakill ninjutsu Amaterasu. He looks at you and you die. Range? His sight. Mangekyou is God. And Itachi has an instakill invulnerable... err super chakra robot with an instakill unavoidable sword that even kills things that aren't normally killable, like Orochimaru who just switches bodies or spits himself out of his mouth (or out of somebody/something else's mouth). I guess that's sort of like wrapping an instakill genjutsu in an instakill taijutsu in an instakill ninjutsu. It's like the Uchiha bought a game shark for the Naruto universe and are totally haxxoring everything.

If Pein is more powerful than Madara, then Pein would have to have the ability to make unavoidable wishes for people to instantly self-immolate. If he could do that, why the hell does he need the tailed beasts?

I have this nagging feeling that some fights in Naruto are going to look like children fighting with pretend characters.

I instakill you with instagibs!
Well, I'm immune to instakill so I instakill you!
Well, I'm immune to instakill so I instakill you times 2!
Well, I'm immune to instakill x2 so I instakill you times 3!
Well, I'm immune to instakill x3 so I instakill you times infinity!
Oh Noes! I am the deadders (or Orochimaru)!

Do you have a mind? Can you burn? Are you vulnerable to being stabbed by huge swords or perhaps being pummeled to death? Are you normally invulnerable to death itself but aren't specifically invulnerable to Uchiha? If so, then your weaknesses may include sharingan.
Yea that makes tons of sense but hey Sasuke is the main character give an Uchiha a break i mean if he was a real person he'll prolly be Chuck Norris an he bends the shit out of reality an dont say he doesnt! XD
if you think itachi or sasuke are broken, wait for madara, who for no good reason became immortal - ok fine 2 sharingans = eternal life...happy? - if he can control a self proclaimed god just like his pet then his abilities are going to be haxx0rz...
well actually i dont want to spoil you but i highly doubt your hypothesis that susano-o and itachi are "invincible against all enemies" lets just put it that way
+5 Swords

well actually i dont want to spoil you but i highly doubt your hypothesis that susano-o and itachi are "invincible against all enemies" lets just put it that way

Of course, they have to be breakable for the manga to continue. Itachi is going to lose somehow and Madara has to be fight-able, err, somehow. But like Amaterasu armed Itachi running away from Jiraiya, it doesn't make much sense (unless Itachi wanted an excuse that would fool Akatsuki so he wouldn't have to grab the Kyuubi). By the way, thanks for keeping me from the spoiler; I like to read the chapter in one complete piece. But it really does pain me in how game-breakingly powerful the sharingan has been made... Not because I'm trying to snuff out anybody's flame here for their favorite characters, but because it really limits the sort of things you can do. Ok, when the sharingan let you dodge stuff, then it made for neat fights. Sasuke dodges stuff and it makes for really great scenes. Cool. Then, the sharingan lets you copy all jutsu the sharingan user could possibly do. Err, seems sort of lame, but ok. That puts a three tomoe sharingan at the kage level with enough experience, but what the hey. I thought that was super-powered. Then, apparently the sharingan gets powerful genjutsu that you just have to look into somebody's eyes to catch them with. That's with the three tomoe sharingan. Ok, massively powerful, that puts every three-tomoe sharingan Uchiha in a superior position over any normal high level ninja given time. Then, you get the tsukuyomi which is the most feared technique in the manga for the longest time. You look in some guy's eyes and you're a goner, a totally unavoidable genjutsu that is instantaneous and unbreakable and overkill. That made the sharingan into Super-godliness. Oh no, here comes Itachi with his creepy Tsukuyomi! That was overkill, but it was cool overkill. Then you have a technique, Amaterasu, which is an undodgable flame attack that you can use repeatably, painfully with the first level of mangekyou but repeatably. That's the leg-breaker. That's Tsukuyomi times 100. With Tsukuyomi, you look into some guy's eyes and it's over. With Amaterasu, somebody with super fast vision looks at -you- and it's over. Then Itachi gets a chakra robot that is invulnerable to super jutsu like Kirin and has a sword that instakills the practically unkillable Orochimaru in one hit.

How can you have a good clever fight with stuff like that? I mean, you'd have to be invulnerable to genjutsu, be immune to flames that burn things which aren't normally burnable, and immune to being sealed away in a genjutsu by a super sword... Then you could have an exciting fight. It's not really a fight with high level sharingans; it's two people throwing out more ridiculous instakill powers as time goes by. Dodging stuff was cool, but this other stuff is over the top. The first Zabuza fight was more entertaining and dramatic for me than the whole Itachi vs. Sasuke fight, which considering the hype for this fight is incredibly unnerving. It reminds me too much of when you've been playing a role-playing game for too long and all your characters are too powerful. All of the invincible player characters fight invincible super monsters, but actually it turns out to be way more boring than going through that dank cave as a terrified 3rd level fighter and not knowing what to expect or if you could handle it.

I think the one that gets me the worst is Amaterasu. Instakill unavoidable instagibbing, what sort of fight can you get with that?. Oh, and I forgot, sharingan suppresses Kyuubi chakra and controls the Kyuubi 'imself. Anything I forgot?
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the reason it makes sense for itachi to flee jiriaya is because, like kishimoto often repeats as the theme of the story, all great powers/jutsus have their negative sideeffects or consequences.... itachi gets in trouble the more he uses his MS thats why he ran from j man
Yes, you're right Mister Seldon. But I wouldn't be as depressed as you. Mainly because the more the story goes, the more we get informations showing the Uchiha are cursed people. I wouldn't be that surprised to reach the final point of the story and witness a disappearance of the Sharingan.
I don't automatically mean that all the Uchiha left in the story would be dead. On a personnal plan I am convinced that Itachi will die in the up coming chapters. Madara is a goner too. There's no way he'll survive the last chapter of the series. At the contrary, I hardly see Sasuke passing away, there's maybe 2 or 3% that he will in my opinion. But we can immagine an event that would prevent Sasuke from using his Sharingan. Whatever it might be.
But, my point is, just we've just witnessed the consequences of spamming the CS2, I'm sure there will be drawbacks as well from walking for such a long time a path of hatred, far from the Will of Fire.


PS : Oh, and by the way, the "MAGASTAB" made me laugh quite a while! :amuse
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