Maybe you don't have to kill you'r best friend


I was thinking about the way of obtaining the MS, we know that it requires a special condition, but we don't know what is is.
Sure Itachi told Sasuke that that condition is to kill your best friend, but Kakashi obtain the MS, and i don't think that he killed his best friend, we also know that Madara and his brother obtain the MS, but it was never stated that they killed their best freinds to obtain it.

So my point is this:I think that Itachi told Sasuke to kill his best friend just to make him(Sasuke) hate him(Itachi) even more. I mean if Sasuke would have killed Naruto, and then no MS, he would have killed him for nothing, he would have killed his best friend for nothing. Maybe it was a trap and Sasuke didn't fall for it.

Your thoughts.
It was Sasuke's dad who told him how to obtain the MS :nod

Sasuke's dad told Sasuke that there is a special condition that you need to do, before you can obtain the MS, but he didn't said what it is.
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Yeah, you're right and I'm wrong... but he actually said "conditions" not just "condition", meaning that there isn't just one condition or that there might be multiple ways of awakening it.
Well if he said that then itachi juts wanted sasuke to grow ruthless and use the Evil Condition.But am sure killing your best friend is one of those "conditions"
:D: Maybe theres only ONE WAY to obtain it but MULTIPLE CONDITONS you must do. Itachi could of lied completely
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