Match ups in Karakura Town

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Who do you think will fight who in the upcoming arc?

For the good guys we have:-
  • Urahara Shop (Urahara, Yoruichi, The kids, The sexy muscleman)
  • The DILFs (Isshin and Ryuken)
  • The Captains and Lieutenants (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)
  • The Vizard (Possibly Bad)
  • Tatsuki, Keigo, etc?

The Bad Guys:-
  • The Rogue Captain Trio (Aizen, Tousen, Gin)
  • Espada #1-4
  • Wonderweiss
  • Anyone else?

Aren't the badguys a bit outnumbered?
I would say possible privaron espada, etc but seeing as how the HM captains assraped the numberd espada I don't think it would be any use bringing them.
I hope Aizen has a dick trick up his sleeve...
but each one of the remaining bad guys is so overpowered they are equivelent to 2-3 good guys so it balances out :)
Urahara vs. Aizen is a given.

I think the matchups will be...

Urahara vs. Aizen
Shunsui & Ukitake vs. Stark
Hirako vs. Ulquiorra
Yoruichi vs. Halibel
Isshin & Ryuken vs. Grandpa (Who I believe is the Primera Espada)
Hitsugaya vs. Gin
Komamura vs. Tousen
Hiyori vs. Yammy (Hahaha... that'd be so awesome.)
Rest of the Vaizards vs. Fodder Arrancar

Aaaand that's all I can think of. I hope we get at least 10 more chapters of, you know, plot... before we move onto any new fights.
There are to many of them for me to even guess. One fight I know will happen is Tousen vs Komamaru
Shunsui/Stark (maybe Ukitake helps)
Yoruichi-Soi Fon/Halibel

That's if the remaining Espada are going with Aizen.
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