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He's a good actor so whatever.

Only complaint he doesn't have that uh "superman" physique you would expect from Marvel's version of superman.
Does anyone here find it to be bothersome that Kamala Khan and her parents were not upset about Nick Fury having a file on her (Kamala)? I certainly would have been upset, if that were me, and I worry that film studies are doing this to subtly convince audiences to be comfortable with constant surveillance.

I wonder what exactly could be the plot of the 4th Spidey film that will be important for setting up Secret Wars.

It could be about addressing the leftover residue of Tom Hardy's Venom symbiote that was left behind at the end of No Way Home's post-credit scene. Maybe to slowly set up Battleworld which is when he first wore the symbiote suit in the comics?

Or they will touch upon those silhouttes in the sky when their dimension was being ripped apart and we got a glimpse of the other dimensions?

Unless they just go full live-action with some Spider-Verse characters and stuff.

I wasn’t talking about Shawn Levy.
He's very inexperienced too. They likely intentionally chose a low level director to take away the leverage of asking for creative freedom.

This has been a problem for them when it came to hiring experienced directors.
Given they want to use Sabra I can get why they might not feel as confident with Captain America 4 as they were before

MCU may not want to cause controversy
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