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Marco and Jozu go on a rampage


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Marco and Jozu will fight the following individuals. It's not really a gauntlet, rather say which team they beat and which team they lose to.

Location : A desert island with sea nearby.

Teams :

0) Doflamingo, Hancock, Crocodile
1) Reverie Sabo, Kuma
2) Enma Zoro, RS Sanji
3) Fujitora
4) Cracker, Smoothie, Katakuri
5) Jack, Queen, King
6) Kid, Law, Killer
7) Aokiji
8) Akainu
9) Big Mom
10) MF Whitebeard


Omae wa mou...shindeiru
They win 0, 1, 4, and 5

tie with 2(sanji need to level up faster)

loses to 3, 7 and onward


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I believe they might clear.
Teams :

0) Doflamingo, Hancock, Crocodile
All of them are low-mid diff fights at best. They get destroyed.
1) Reverie Sabo, Kuma
Kuma is a weak link. Sabo should be on par with them. Overall mid diff.
2) Enma Zoro, RS Sanji
I have Enma Zoro on par with Jozu, with the latter having a slight matchup advantage. Sanji is a weak link for now though.
3) Fujitora
I think this duo can take on an Admiral. I see both as high and mid-high diff fights respectively. Fujitora makes them work for it but they should win, high diff.
4) Cracker, Smoothie, Katakuri
Cracker and Smoothie are severely outclassed here. Katakuri may prolong the fight somehow via Awakening and FS shenanigans, but the Sweet Commanders get overwhelmed evetually.
5) Jack, Queen, King
King may not be as far from these two as previously assumed. Still, based on the Live Floor performance, the duo should be able to win, albeit it will be a tough fight.
6) Kid, Law, Killer
Uncertain, but giving the benefit of the doubt to the duo. Kid and Law are fighting a Yonko level opponent in a 2v1 right now. Marco and Jozu did the same thing solo. Obviously this can and is bound to change depending on the Supernovae's performance against Big Mom. Law's hax also makes this an incredibly difficult fight.
7) Aokiji
Same as Fujitora.
8) Akainu
Marco's flames seem to counter magma pretty well. These two have the ultimate defense fruits, which counter Akainu's lethality well. Tough fight, but they take it.
9) Big Mom
Same as the Admirals.
10) MF Whitebeard
Same as above. Old man puts up one heck of a fight, but eventually goes down, maybe taking one of his sons with him.


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What's your opinion on the match-ups though ? :pepehype

I consider Jozu YC3-level at best given one of his named attacks didn't do much to Crocodile and Doflamingo treated him like a chair. Aokiji immediately disposed of him as well directly using his DF powers when he was distracted. All he has is superior defense but it should be penetrable with enough attacks otherwise NLF is in play. :ramsaythunk

So Marco hard-carries this two-man team against numbers or monsters.

0) Doflamingo, Hancock, Crocodile - Duo win
Reverie Sabo, Kuma - Duo win
Enma Zoro, RS Sanji - Duo lose
Fujitora - Duo win
Cracker, Smoothie, Katakuri - Duo lose
Jack, Queen, King - Duo win
Kid, Law, Killer - Duo win
Aokiji - Duo lose, Jozu gets slapped like before
8) Akainu - Duo lose
Big Mom - Duo lose
MF Whitebeard - Duo lose


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0) Doflamingo, Hancock, Crocodile - duo wins low diff
1) Reverie Sabo, Kuma - duo wins mid diff
2) Enma Zoro, RS Sanji - duo wins very high diff, duo loses at the end of Wano
3) Fujitora - duo wins extreme diff
4) Cracker, Smoothie, Katakuri - duo wins high diff
5) Jack, Queen, King - duo wins high diff
6) Kid, Law, Killer - duo wins extreme diff, duo loses at the end of Wano
7) Aokiji - duo loses extreme diff
8) Akainu - duo loses high diff
9) Big Mom - duo loses low-end high diff
10) MF Whitebeard - duo loses low-end high diff


0. Duo beats the crap out of em.
1. Duo beats the crap out of em.
2. Duo wins mid diff.
3. Duo wins extreme diff.
4. Hmm probably the duo high diff.
5. Duo very high diff.
6. Duo wins high diff.
7. Goes either way.
8. Duo may lose, extreme diff.
9. Duo may lose, extreme diff.
10. Duo loses, high diff.


He who Greets with Fire
0) Doflamingo, Hancock, Crocodile - WBs crush them
1) Reverie Sabo, Kuma - WBs low difficulty
2) Enma Zoro, RS Sanji - WBs high difficulty
3) Fujitora - WBs high difficulty
4) Cracker, Smoothie, Katakuri - WBs mid difficulty
5) Jack, Queen, King - WBs high difficulty
6) Kid, Law, Killer - SN extreme difficulty
7) Aokiji - WBs extreme difficulty
8) Akainu - Akainu extreme difficulty
9) Big Mom - Big Mom extreme difficulty
10) MF Whitebeard - Whitebeard extreme difficulty


Disciple of Thunder
I think they can win them all except for Big Mom, and probably Whitebeard and maybe Akainu. The reason for that being their lack of high-end firepower.
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