Luppi: Water Colour practice (spoiler)


I'm with Maria Hill!
First attempt ever at water colour! :nuts

And a released Luppi at that <3

Kinda messed the colour on the face (too dark >_<), but oh well. :p


Nice. I forgot to post the fucking link. <3 I'm so much love.
Luppi's black!!!:laugh

*roffles* Bluppi!!!

Lighten up his face and make his nose more easily distinguishable, and it would be perfect.
Ohh, it's really good work, Dizzy. I'm not a fan of Luppi but I like how you did the colours. ^^

Will do next time. Thanks! <3


Thanks, Yakky. You no fan of Luppster, but you one of first to join. <3

Thanks. XD
Very nice, Dizzy! But you already knew I said that, but that's okay. :laugh

It's just too bad I don't really like Luppi. :p
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