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Luffy vs Jimbei


Well-Known Member
Current Luffy vs Jimbei.

Of course Luffy wins easily, but what I want to know is if Jimbei can put up some kind of fight against current Luffy or if he’d get stomped. No water nearby


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Upper end of low diff. Jinbe isn't dead in the water, he's got some impressive feats against akainu and Big Mom. Put him in the ocean and it's a mid diff fight imo.


Cunning Linguist

Bloodlusted Luffy stomps. If Luffy is IC then low-mid diff because Luffy always holds back at the start of a fight.


Very Well-Known Member
Sure if he gets the jump like Ulti.
Otherwise seeing as Luffy’s fighting someone 6 times stronger its a low.
Neg diff is a weird term as it suggests negative effort is applied.


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Jinbei has a lot of good feats vs top tiers. No less than mid. for Luffy.
This, and it’s probably high diff with water, Oda has the big man in a near-constant nerfed state without it and he appears to be YC2. No reason to think he’s not a solid FM level with water (whose ability to weaken DF users hasn’t been fully explored beyond Moriah’s zombies).
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