Lovers living under the same roof= One has to move out?

Kira Yamato

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Yep, once again, it's happened in a series. I had a feeling since Hiromi was a guest of sorts that she'd eventually move out. It sort of reminds me of other series like Kimikiss and Shuffle. Although the end result varies, it's an often used storyplot tactic in romance series.

Who else knew this was coming from a mile away? :zaru
Yeah I kninda hope she takes him with her. I think I might have lost any and all respect I had for Shin. And the more I lose for him it seems the more I gain for Nobuse. That man is strong as hell.
^ I actually gained more respect for Shin this episode. He's finally confronting his feelings and wanting to set things right.

Though I didn't see Hiromi moving out until this Ep played out, I kinda understand why they went this route. Shin is really dense and they needed something big for him to finally realize where he stands.
I still think Hiromi is fucked in the brain, all the problems are gone, shins mother, her supposed sibling link to Shin.
I love how Hiromi thinks, VERY brilliant.
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