Looks like Orochimaru can "OFFICIALLY" take over Kabuto.


Don't fear the snake :P
Assuming he doesn't go for either Uchiha it appears that now Orochimaru can officailly take over Kabuto now that his Spirit is separate from Sasuke. There has been a debate of whether Orochimaru could take over Kabuto or whether he will just physically turn into Oro. But now that his Spirit is roaming about looking for a new host to possess, if not one of the Uchiha then most def Kabuto who has his physical remains. Spirit Orochimaru + Physical remains of Orochimaru = So long Kabuto. Looks as if Kabuto will forever be mystery/slave as his character/techniques has never officially been fleshed out and just when he thought it was safe--here comes the snake.
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