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Natsu from Fairy Tail
Hey guys, can you guys make a logo for Here
I'll give rep to everyone who tries to make one and is moderately good (meaning you have to try a bit, not just some old crappy one)

It needs:

at least 1 picture of somebody from anime/manga.
Has to have darkish orange in it
Has to have the words mission anime in the center of the logo
The size of the logo is between: 800x90-900x100.

Good luck! And create logos! :p
Wow, that logo was really good. I'm gonna post it onto the maybe group! :p Oh, and forgot to mention, but both logos are in the maybe group and have been posted on the forum to be voted on. :) Oh yeah, to everyone, you can post as many logos as you want, I'll give you rep for each one as long as its ok and you tried hard on it.
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