Light vs. Lelouch


Counting Sheep...
This has been done before, but I'm splitting this into parts. Who is superior in:

- Intellect
- A physical brawl
- Personality
- Better main character
- Death Note or Geass (yes, yes, I know they're completely different, but which is better/more effective/cooler/etc.)
Intellect = Light. By far.
Physical = Light. He and L displayed great physical skills. Lelouch has none.
Personality = Light. Light has a god complex, Lelouch has a sister complex, needless to say which is better.
Main Character = Light. This is no contest.
First half of Death Note > Code Geass > 2nd half of Death Note.
- Intellect
Light has more feats...But I might have to give the nod to Lelouch when he isn't relying on something "extra" that's ridiculously broken.
- A physical brawl
Probably Lelouch. Although neither of them really have much of brawler feats. Lelouch at least has a mind suited for actual combat.
- Personality
Both can be douches but Lelouch comes out ahead in this area. I never liked the kind of person that seriously talks about being a god. Any human being character that talks about being a god automatically fails in my book.
- Better main character
Lelouch takes it for me also. I just find him more likeable and I really look forward to another season of Code Geass. While for Light, I only cared enough about the Death Note series because of L and other characters. Light was actually something that would encourage me to drop the series.
- Death Note or Geass (yes, yes, I know they're completely different, but which is better/more effective/cooler/etc.)
I know a lot of people are going to say Death Note but I just find Code Geass more entertaining. Death Note does of course have more of a "brain" but at the end of day I wouldn't pick that over Geass if I really had to choose just one of them.
Intellect - Light, I don't think I need to explain myself, his accomplishments in getting the Death Note the second time around and how it worked out was amazing.
Physically - Light is a lot more built... sort of, I mean you saw Lelouch completely out of breath when he ran around the school looking for the cat that took his helmet, Light ran around outside after getting several shots from a 6-shooter into his chest.
Personality - Light is completely dedicated to what he's doing, decisive in what he does, Lelouch still has traces of uncertainty in terms of whether or not what he's doing is right, which is shown in his encounter with Euphemia before she went berserk.
Better Main Character - Light, don't really have anything to support this, but, I suppose this is just personal preference.
Death Note vs Geass - I've only watched the anime, for now I like Death Note alot more since it's completed, and the drawing/art/animation is to my preference, while the sickly thin looking characters of Code Geass has never been my cup of tea. Story-wise so far Death Note still has it too for me, Code Geass can still prove me wrong though.
- Intellect - Light: nearly perfect strategic planning and understanding of opponents.
- A physical brawl - Light again: Lelouch is very physically unfit (not exactly athletic) where as Light is at least fit enough to play tennis at a fairly high level.
- Personality - Subjective one here: i'd go for Lelouch. I like his imperfections as much as his intellect and wit.
- Better main character: This is probably subjective as well -- to me Lelouch was the better. I like his interactions with characters, the way he used his abilities as well as the way he executed his plans. (whether said plans ended up failing or not) He just seems much more human; thusly, much more likable.
- Death Note or Geass (yes, yes, I know they're completely different, but which is better/more effective/cooler/etc.) - The Death Note is a lot more effective and a cooler idea. It's also much more "broken" than the Geass is. Also, unlike the Geass, the Death Note doesn't start going out of control on the user after a certain period of time. Overall i preferred the Death Note as an ability; however, Code Geass is by far the superior show to me.
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Intellect- Light by far. He's damn near superhuman.

A physical brawl - Light. Lelouch looks like a fucking noodle.

Personality - I found Light to be more interesting tbh. I found the god complex pretty interesting. Lelouch was also interesting but I hated the fact that he acted like a pussy sometimes.

Better main character - Light for reasons mentioned above.

Death Note or Geass - It's like Shutensatsu said, 1st Half of Death Note>Code Geass>2nd Half of Death Note. I found the 1st half of Death Note to be extremely well done. Not to mention the noodle people in Geass don't help the case either. Also it had Suzaku who is one of the worst fucking characters in anime IMO.
- Intellect-Light, hands down

- A physical brawl-Light. He has shown fighting ability against L and is actually somewhat fit. Lelouch is pathetic

- Personality-Light. Lelouch was a weak-willed pussy who couldn't even execute some of his plans.

- Better main character-Light. By a fucking longshot

- Death Note or Geass (yes, yes, I know they're completely different, but which is better/more effective/cooler/etc.)-1st half of Death Note>Code Geass>2nd half of Death Note
- Intellect - Light
- A physical brawl - Light
- Personality - Lelouch
- Better main character - Lelouch
- Death Note or Geass (yes, yes, I know they're completely different, but which is better/more effective/cooler/etc.) - Death Note is more effective if you are able to attain enough knowledge from the victim to be able to use it. Though if you're not in a position to do so, Geass has it beat. As a series I'd place Code Geass above Death Note.
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