Kubo will become a H-Mangaka?

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1. [Art] why is Bleach so popular? cuz Oh Fucking Hotittiesexywoman yez I was fappped as many times on random scenes

2. [Plot] Fail. no need explanation :pek

3. [Future] End of Bleach /or/ possible it will be discontinued.. no plot anymore? (who disagreed with me I bet on u don't have read Zombie Powder :zaru) now what should he do? *idea*

4. [Hentai Q&A]

Q. does H ever have a plot?

A. [Random Jap] yes, but most 84% H-Mangas sucko who cares about plot..

it's proof, jap h-geeks doesn't need plot for H

5. [Congratulations] Kubo will become a H-Mangaka

6. [Profit] +++
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