Komamura vs. Nnoitora

If Kenpachi kicked his fricken asshole to next weeks diaria then hell yeh he would get fuckin worked.. Nniotra ftw....
Hm. Kenpachi kicked Nnoitora's ass, not Komamura's. It's a shame that Komamura and Kenpachi didn't fought. Because i wonder, how Kenpachi could block that huge sword...
I think, if Kenpachi beat Nnoitora, Komamura would beat him too since Kenpachi and Komamura has roughly the same stamina/power.
+ Komamura, almost without doubt, will beat Tousen whom I think stronger then at least #3-4 Espada.
Komamura doesn't stand a chance. He's just one big easy target for Nnoi's scythes. To be Nnoi you need sharp swordsmanship skills to be able to land blows and the raw reiatsu to be able to cut through his extremely tough hierro. Komamura looks like he has the power to cut him but he also seems far too sluggish and large to land proper hits.
Unreleased Noi will be taking this one. I'm not sure if Komamura would beat him if he was having trouble with Zaraki.
Komamura didn't have any trouble with Kenpachi. In the whole their "fight" he was only throwed one time, and only because he was worried about Tousen (see here) who was kicked by Kenpachi. It wouldn't be like that, if it were 1 on 1.
Other then that, there were only blocking/parring from Kenpachi's side which doesn't count as his superiority.

I hope after Komamura's next fight, he wouldn't be so underrated T_T.
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Koma has given us little reason to believe he could survive this fight. He was toyed with by normal Kenpachi in a 2 on 1 battle and summoned a giant, that is all. While on the other hand, it took all of Kenpachi's strength to finally kill him. Komamura does not have a chance.
I never thought of Koma as weak? He barely even skirmished with Kempachi? Seeing as Koma is stronger and has a greater rietsu than kempachi id say that komo would stand about as much chance as Kempachi did, though komo lacks speed and im not sure how much that would come into this fight?
Dunno, if i had to guess id give it to Komo.
i'd say Komamura would take this with as much effort or less than kenpachi did. As his bankai would be as slow as everybody thinks (well most people who i've talk to smile-big) as it moves the same speed as Komamura, plus my main reason would have to be, that Nnoitora really does look like a giant human bug and what is going to win a giant bug or a giant foot lol :p
That is a point but still like 10 ton swords coming doing with a huge force behind it, i thought that woukd have atleast some cutting power lol:laugh:p
True, I would not underestimate komamura at all ( I feel he is redicolously underrated on this forum) but consider a few points.

Kenpachi's reaitsu unpatched was equal to all of ichigo's reaitsu, thats a huge amount of reaitsu especially when condensed in a sword so thats why ken was able to cut noi so easily, thing is with komamura we don't know how much reaitsu he has, I think noi could block his shikai and well we have not seen koma use his bankai so we can't really assess its true speed and power.
To true, to true i gues we're goig to have to wait untill we see more of komamura untill we're going to Know who will win, and i'm new to this forum and i have noticed that Komamura is seriously underrated i always thought that Komamura was one of the stronger captains or at the very least a middle class one. Oh well what you gunna do.:p
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