Koi Kaze


This anime is about a brother and sister who fall in love,its a very good anime, the characters are very deep and develop over the series the plot is also good. Its a very mature series in nature. Anyone else seen it?
Watch the series over a year ago. Good stuff...good stuff indeed :LOS

I never didn't expect Nanoka to develop feelings for Koshiro (I thought it might have stayed one-sided) and to top it off she was the one who first really brought the topic up between them.

The ending was kinda vague...but we can't expect it to have a nice and tidy resolution. Too many variables and such are standing in their way, and I could only imagine what there parents will think. :lmao
Ah yes, I loved this anime quite a bit, actually. <3

It's probably one of the most uncomfortable yet rewarding experiences that I've ever had watching something of this nature. Mostly because it never shied away from any scene or touchy area to make things easier for the viewer. But, instead it went full tilt, making the show as realistic as possible (i.e. the masturbation scene >_>).

One of the things I remembered being absolutely stunned by at times was how well this series delivers subtextual plot development. There are so many moments in the show where no words are spoken, but it's just the character(s) silently touching or moving in some way that said far more than any dialogue might have. In fact, I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find a series that worked better with body language than Koi Kaze does.

Also, faithful adaptations of fabulous manga versions always make me smile. The only real difference I can remember between the two in this case was that the manga was slightly more mature during some scenes, and certain things that are only hinted at in the anime are outright said/implicitly obvious in the manga.

Oh, and nice review, Sasuke X. :awesome
koi kaze was simply amazing, so many moments took my breath away. all anime should uphold this stander of quality. not only that, but this anime really want into some deep, deep, dark issues; i loved the psychological issues surrounding those issues as well. i just wish the series was longer or that more animes would be like koi kaze.
I just got done reading the Manga, and I'd like to know. How is the anime open ended?
The manga basically says they stay together(yay!). Koshiro, the last thing says is, I Love You! So, I don't see how it would be misconstrued(I want a movie of this ASAP).

The thing I love most about this anime is that even though it goes against what many people believe(brothers and sisters shouldn't love each other), you WANT them to get together. Their love is just so pure and...magical. I honestly have never seen a movie or anime with this much emotion. I just, I just wanted them to be together from the start.

Plus, it explains how they developed feelings rather believably. I could see this happening(it has) in the real world. When they met, they did not know they were brother and sister, and their emotions were already surfacing for each other.

I just love this manga(need to watch the anime, anyone got a place to DL it?) It's definitely in my top ten.

EDIT: I want to talk about this anime, so if i dont get anything in a week, im bumping till someone talks to me.
I am downloading this right now and wanted to ask two questions. Do they do it? :hurr And, is there a happy ending?
I've yet to watch it. But, I've heard good things. How it's realistic, mainly.

It's the closest any series has come to real life i*c*st and it's overall consequences

I will say the anime version went a bit further than the manga at the end, but it was essentially the same end result.
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