Kisame Warcraft Cover Style


Edit: took away devart version, i'm gonna combine it with something later..

Or at least I tried to make it that way; as with all my art it's messy as hell...
I'm such a noob with Photoshop :iik

:iik :iik :iik :iik :iik :iik :iik :iik

My older bro plays a lot of Warcraft III and the funny thing is that they even have a Naruto mod for DOTA online version of it. It's so weird cause all the characters are like half the size of the buildings in that game and you can pit Haku vs. Kisame and Yondaime vs. Neji. And the weirdest thing is that the mod doesn't even have Naruto himself as one of the available characters.

Anyways, if Kisame looks girly to you it's because I based it off the Night Elf version of the cover.
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I love the coloring and his eyes make me feel pitiful.

Awesome. :kloff
Uber nice!!! I tried using photoshop once.... and failed :p. I prefer good old pencil, eraser, inking pen, markers, and coloured pencils myself.... awesome!:nod
The drawing and coloring are both amazing. :wtf

Only comment, he looks a bit girly in that drawing. :p
That is ridiculously good...Kisame looks a bit younger too and his eyes are piercing. I really like it, keep up the good work :nuts
I don't really see anything horribly wrong with the strokes or anything. I like that texture for his skin and the higher saturation blue to highlight certain areas of his face. There's that bit of lightness above his upper lip which seems to end suddenly with a slight gap between some skin and the lip, but yeah, looks fine in the smaller version. Love the shape and shading of the lips though, oh, and that nose. :3
Yeah, like YK said the saturation of blue on Kisame's face looks pretty good. I'm a bit unsure about his facial proportions in comparison to how Kisame is drawn in the series, but it's still good. Excellent job with the coloring, that tone of blue makes Kisame's skin look somewhat like a humans.
Oh that is awesome!:awesome

I really like the variations in skin tones to add depth to his face.
oh god this thread is alive again

I was googling for photoshop skin texture brushes and I happened upon one, still have it if you want it...
'Tis very amazing work. I really love the vibrant colors of blue you used for his skin and the gentle texture added to his skin.

What do you mean you're a noob at Photoshop? That pic honestly looks really good!

Kisame must be a fun character to draw since he's rather unique. XD
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