Kirin sucks, it is so easy to counter

Yes it sucks,but for a jutsu that takes a little chakra do direct electrisity its not that bad xD

"Awww... fuck you, Itachi ! You annihilated my cool technic ! Damn, uncool..."


Hey, I just noticed that "lightning" in engrish may sound like "raitoningu", leading to "raiton"... EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED !! MAN THE LIFEBOATS !!
Shodai? :hehee he can tell you wut to do? he must be really kewl :LOS

that's a nice pic too :iria

do you have a FC of your own?

i'm more likeable without he finds :hehee

thanks :wtf

you mean leader of member fc? :hehee

@shodai, we already know :LOS

but except that, nothing can defeat it :LOS
"Did you know? Metal poles right... If you use two hands to stick them to the ground, they will most likely be there for the next storm :zaru"
lol thats funny! Wish there was a way to counter the sharingan. Oh wait, there is.

Wheres your sharingan now? :LOS
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