Kimimaro vs Kisame

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Ok lets say that kimmi dint day that day by well not even gaara but lets say he dint die and he had 3 years of str8 training like sasuke by oro and so he probely would have like 50xspeed 50xbone strength and way better tai justu and some new bone justu's and he has CS2 and he's at 100% health.(so no sickness)
Location:wher kisame and sugiesto are going to fight
Distence:10 meters
Reason:just board by waiting for itachi and sasuke to finish

My perdiction is that Kimimaru gets a new sword to put on his trophy wall.
So whats you percdiction.
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new bone jutsu, plus 3 years of oro training and full health is way too good for an already amazing kaguya.

kimi wins this but not easily
Kimi was one of the strongest characters already, he would defeat Kisame after 3 years extra training.
Kimimaro would certainly be a beast, but Kisame would still cockslap him into the stratosphere.

Srsly, this is fecking Kisame we're talking about. One arm at 30%>>>>>Maito Gai.
with 50X speed, 50X bone strength, way better Tai-jutsu and 3 years of training...

Kimi seriously rapes.
Under those conditions Kimi may win but we still haven't seen enough from Kisame.
All Kisame would have to do is create a great wave and drown Kimi. Kimi would have a very difficult time trying to get above then water with his great density so he would most likely drown. Kisame wins.
Hard to say!
Kisame would make Kimi tired of all his Ninjutsu!
And he would be completly out of chakra!
Kisame has a big amount of chakra! :LOS

So...Kisame would win!
Bitches please.

Kisame forces Kimimaro to perform fellatio on him, thus resulting in Kimimaro being impaled through the head and the subsequent destruction of the planet sending out cosmic shrapnel across the solar system.

DIE DIE DIE Kisame!!!!!! Kimmi will own no matter what, he was just sick and died against Gaara, so he never really lost to him!!!!!!:laugh
With these conditions Kimi wins with ease... he would be trouble for anyone with those conditions... Even assuming he wasn't sick and had just been alive he would have been doing some training and i think he could still take Kisame even then.
Dude what is Kimi gonna do against a freaking enraged Pacific Ocean ready to rock and roll?

There is a reason dinosaurs are extinct and sharks are still ruling the oceans and inspiring movies like Jaws.

Kisame wins.
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