Kid VS Current Luffy with G5 restricted

Who wins?

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How would a fight go if Luffy took Kid seriously here?

Can Luffy beat his one of his "rivals" without his latest power up?

I heard some people say Luffy can't win this without G5 before.
I say he does. An Emperor without their strongest transformation is still an emperor, not counting fake emperors like Buggy. Also Kid would have trouble getting through Luffy's superior CoA + CoC to bypass Luffy's rubber properties with his mostly blunt damage arsenal against G4. Luffy understands G4 drawbacks well enough now to not exhaust himself early. He'll save G4 for towards the end of the battle as a way to finish strong against a weakened enemy , like he attempted to do vs Hybrid Kaidou. Post sky split G2 + G3 gear stacked Luffy was going blow for blow with pre-FS hybrid Kaidou until Kaidou started using his stronger drunken modes. He easily dodged TB, a feat beyond both Kid and Law. Gear stacking is more than enough for Kid.
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Luffy wins. G5 isn't needed for non Admiral - Emperor - Mihawk, I would say Dragon but he's the bitcoin of Top Tiers. Amazing couple years ago but on a sharp decline. Kid has the worst move-set of the Roofpiece Supernova.

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Luffy. Wouldn't even need G4.

Luffy could fight evenly against Kaido with just G2 & G3.

Kidd couldn't even push Big Mom to fight seriously without coordinating his 'awakening' with Law's.

No disrespect to Kidd. He's an extremely powerful fighter. However, he's out of his league, and expecting him to compete with Luffy's AdCoC without receiving a comparable power up himself is unreasonable.

Oda did Kidd dirty by not having him develop AdCoC in his fight with Big Mom. Wasted potential.


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Kid takes it extreme diff. He can tank big mom attacks with no issue and I don't think luffy can take him down without g4 which I think kid can outlast.

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Was curious if any non-Kid fans think Kid would actually win this.

None so far.

Kid's only chance is if Luffy decides to exhaust himself with a full round of G4 from the get go, which he won't do anymore as we've seen from his last battle with Kaidou. Even then G4 Luffy was on the same level as FS hybrid Kaidou. BM incapacitated Kid and Law fairly quick after going Bigger Mom.
Kid will be taking an absolutely one sided beating from someone with superior Haki and faster than BM, without Law there to distract and share the damage.
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