KibaHina: Could it be you and I...


Kiba is
I drew this for the winner from The Kibahina Winter Contest: fanfic category. And this is based on the last scene from the fic, .
Comments and critiques are always love. ^^


Could it be you and I never imagined
Could it be suddenly I'm falling for you
Could it be you were right here beside me and I never knew
Could it be that it's true,
That it's you.

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Fantastic job :amuse It is a very cute picture with a very good background! The shading looks very smooth and neat and the color choices look wonderful.
amazing! I wish I could make such fanart as you (unfortunately enough I have no clue on how to make a clean lineart... with as result, some very messy fanarts

I wish you could teach me how you do it. You're fantastic! :love
I love that so much :wtf

You are very talented Sonteen and this is one amazing piece :kloff

I love it soooo much :amuse Yeah again XD
Love this - so cute and well drawn. Colors are wonderful as well.
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