Kakashi will never do Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu


It is pretty obvious that Kakashi will never do Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu and we all know why....

He cant use the shit cause he has his mask on all the damn time!! and if he did it anyways he would burn his mask off...!! thus revealing his face! :amazed

Yeah to be honest, it better than most of the theorys ive seen or come up with myself. Kakashi probably will ever do any justsu that require him to blow wate/fire/air outta his mouth. Well maybe air or water, but yea fire prbably not.
Just as know all know i know this must be a joke thread. BUT: Isn´t the flames from performing a katon start a bit from the mouth O.o , and it is possible to blow through that mask because it should be made out of some sort of fabric. geaz im taking this to serius :p
Well if you all remmembr the filler episode.... Yes he will do it! because beneath his mask...IS ANOTHER mask. so he can just burn through that one and put his other mask over it.
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