"Kagero Genmo" my manga naruto [chapter 1 out]


"Kagero Genmo" my manga naruto [chapter 2 out]

do you remember my manga test
well now it's serious , as promised this is my first serious story of my manga
like i said before i don't draw the art , i just edited, removed , and change details with photoshop

you must read the manga right to left ( like original manga)

please give me your impression :)
(i hide the screens because there will be lots of page with the others chapters)

Chapter 1 out


chapter 2 out! at the end of the first page

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Cool. :amuse Can't wait for more. Your drawings are good too, they really resemble the original IMO

like i said , i don't draw (well in real life yes)
but here i take the screen from the original manga naruto ( and also others) ( i can even take from anime if i need to)
and i change , edit , remove details or add what i want with photoshop
that mean i can make a new manga totally different with a new story :)
Love your drawings - part 1 accurate. Good story so far too. Looking forward to next chapter.
nice :D
I think itachi use mangekyou too early. he is with kisame so what he distressing? ;p mb new enemy is it too strong :D? who know.
nvm ;p draw more chapters pls ;D
you know, its hard to put the wording with the characters. They all sound the same, no one has emotion in thier words behind them.
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