Kabuto's potential


no one seems to believe that kabuto can beat orochimaru's spirit. :notrust but thats not what's important, whats gives new potential Kabuto's new ability to steal the body parts of his victims.

once, he beats orochimaru's will, he probably take on others. collective powers of all the strongest villains.

I won't be surprised if by the end of the story, Kabuto becomes a complete sicko, gets all three sharingan, Byakugan and rinne'gan. Something, i would pay to see. :nuts

appraise the Sharingan, byakugan, Rinne'gan kabutochimaru
That's an intereting idea, Kabuto taking on more body parts for more power and jutsu. One of Deidara's arms is still floating around the Naruverse, and Hidan's parts are all over Konoha forest. He might be able to revive one of Kakuzu's dead hearts, and he may be able to do something with Sasori's little chunk of flesh.

He will become Akatsuki Man with the powers of Akatsuki.
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