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what do you think? The episode is going off. The next episode's name includes the name Jiraya, so that's were I get the name. What do you think of the v/a?
Spawn of Gaara said:
yea i think he sounds fine. i just finished watching the espisode. i still dislike ebisu's voice though.

agreed lol, that episode was pretty cool but the whole time i was wondering what sakura and sasuke had deen going at that time..
well, he is a 50 year old man. I dont care for his voice, it doesnt fit him as well as the original version...but, he still is one of my favorite charaterss in the series.
Anyone got a clip they can post on youtube or something? Naruto won't air for a few more hours here...

In episode 52, now we meet Jiraya. What do you think of him? I can't possibly predict what role he's going to play in show. Not at all. So what do you think?
*People who already know are probably dieing to say.....buuuuuuut you can't.:p
I think he sounds very accurate to japanese Jiraiya. But I'm worried about how he'll sound when he's in pervet mode. You know,
like when he was describing the shape of the girl he wants naruto to bring, and Naruto brought a watermelon.


and in case you can't tell, I'm a huge Jiraiya fangirl -_-
I thought he sounded pretty good.

He sounded like a 50-year-old and yet badass. Exactly as he should.

Can't wait to hear his perverted voice, though.
i didnt picture him sounding so old
i thought he sounded more like sasuke, with a little deeper voice, i guess, never mind, its hard to explain:sweat
Jiraiya is played by VA David Lodge. It was in the final credits that he was the only unaccounted voice.
JediJaina said:
Jiraiya is played by VA David Lodge. It was in the final credits that he was the only unaccounted voice.

Aww I was hoping it would be the same guy from ultimate Ninja I liked him.
I`ll just wait and pray its on youtube tomorrow. The walmart people wouldn`t let me turn the tv to cn.
esca3 said:
It was pretty good.

But I'll be pissed if he isn't able to pull off the "perverted voice".

I'm pretty sure the ADR directors and everyone made sure he could sound like a pervert before they officially gave him the job.
To me, he had too much of a deep voice for a guy like Jiraya.

But I'll have to wait til next week to really get a feel. Like others said, we have yet to see the Thinking Jiraya and the Perverted Jiraya's voice. Just hope when a certain female comes along that her voice is as good as the original. :wink
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