Jiraiya vs. Tsunade vs. Orochimaru (Very Special Conditions)


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The Love Dalek
Please do not move to Konoha Park. Despite the circumstance of the fight, I'm actually serious about this thread.

Free for all.
Sanin Battlefield.
Starting 100 meters apart.
Everything shown in manga is allowed.


They're all drunk on saki. Go.
Oro has limited himself in every fight but the KN4 one. With sake-infused bloodlust, he stomps all over the place.
oro will get especcally get drunk and rant on about that dahm sasuke and his body ?????

tsunade is unfaced by the saki, because of her past drinking experence she knows how to hold it in

jiraya acts drunk and falls often. and will try to make a move on tsunade.

jiraya's hands begin to wander and he'll make a bad move. tsunade will than beat jiraya and send him flying

oro will exicted run after jiraya's unconsiious body, hoping to get lucky

tsunade only one on the battle feild will oddly win >.>
Probably neither Oro or Jman would be able to mold chakra or use jutsus effectively, Tsunade on the other hand is good with Taijutsu(even if she would have using her superhuman strength). She'd give them a lifetime beating.
We actually HAVE seen Tsunade capable of fighting while drunk. She still managed to toss aside Naruto with one finger.
Oro falls asleep, the J-mn makes a drunken pass to Tsunade, which she drunkenly accepts, and they start making out.

End of fight.
Orochimaru is more of a druggie than an alcoholic so his tolerance is low and he passes out. Tsunade, for the amount of energy it takes to be so crabby all the time, relaxes and puts out. And Jiraiya, being used to these situations (saki everywhere, drunk females) wins. Orochimaru gets owned and Tsunade gets "owned".
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