Jimbei in the open sea vs. King

Who wins?

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Who wins and what diff?

Jimbei is in the water and there is a small island for king to stand or he can fly. How does this battle go?
Jinbei would win or it would be a stalemate. Not much King can do it Jinbei camps in the water attacking him with Mid/Long range moves
Jimbei high diff only because King can fly. Mid otherwise due to matchup. Got Jimbei in sea at Zoro lvl.
Jinbe's in the sea is clearly Admiral/Emperor level. King stands no chance once Jinbe starts summoning cheerful whale sharks.
Well if Jinbei somehow manages to drag King into water he wins. Not only he will extinguish his fire, but also make his durability lower (though this doesn't matter as King will just simply drown). Diff is hard to tell,because in this scenario Jinbei only needs to wait for a single mistake from King to drag him into water, sea and King's DF do most of the work.
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