Jesus, Oro is one cheap bastard.


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I just realized how similar Sasuke's clothes are to Kimimaro's. I know I'm like 2259835 years late, but they look a lot alike. :amuse
thats because oro probaly designs the uniforms.... hence kimi and sasuke having the same clothes.
If he's more familiar with the clothes it'll be easier to take off of sasuke :zaru
Orochimaru is one cheap bastard.

Sasuke has to wear a cheap table cloth with a sewn in uchiha SYmbol as a shirt

And some rope to keep his pants on his ass.
I know Kimi's ass looks way better in that outfit.:zaru
but it is Kimimaro.The best looking guy on Naruto.
I see the resemblance in the sleeves and shoulders.

Other than that, it looks more like a sound five outfit... but that bow only looks sexy on Sasuke and Kimimaro. :iria
LOL, I thought this thread would be about Otogakure's lack of furnishing.
But really, I don't think he's that cheap. It is just a matter of him not caring about how the surroundings appear aside from branding the Sound shinobi as his own. Clothing was the last thing on my mind. They all have those hideous bows because for some reason Orochimaru is too blind to tell then look horrid. :D
I agree with Yakushi Kabuto, as I definately though this was going to be an entirely different thread topic.

But as Orochimaru cares more about the indvidual's power as opposed to what they are wearing I doubt that he cares enough to make a difference.
Lol yeah maybe he is, I think he just
doesn't really care about clothes, he
only cares about power.

It's the uniform for the most elite shinobi under Oro.

Hence these two powerhouses wearing the same shit pretty much.
aaah rofl xD

but yeah... oro gives same clothes to all his disciples (except that four eyes, i forgot his name lol)
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