ItaSaku sketches

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They look really good :amuse Itachi and Sakura look really well drawn, plus the detail of their clothing is great!
With Sakura's high-beams on who could complain??

Seriously though, very nice sketches. Looks like you had some fun playing around with outfits and expressions. Keep it up!
Very nice! I like the second one the most... although Itachi with glasses is very hot! :)
The second drawing is especially good of the both of them. Love their expressions, hair and outfits. Really nice job.
Very well done! Itachi is so sexy but it took me a moment to realize that was Sakura with the glasses in the first one. I somehow thought it was Kabuto. My monitor shows both pics so faintly.

Love your drawing style!
oh I have seen them on Deviant hun ^^ absolutely sweet and beautiful, this pairing is weird but they looks really cute together, itachi would make a dream guy to all girls :p
Their gorgeous and beautiful :swtf
i love ur style,i love the bottom pick the best but their all pretty :)
do you take requests?
*Reps for you*
my account won't let me rep you at the moment sorry :cry
One of the greatest relationship rulez ever invented...
If you can't get with them....get with their sibling.
I really like the second one, Sakura looks so sweet with that hat on. Itachi looks hot with glasses on.
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