Itachi's Last Words...

maybe Sasuke will bend over to him for a conversation?

maybe Itachi just collapsed... I mean their battle came 2 an end but that doesn't mean Itachi's dead already?

I'm fine with it if Itachi dies in the next few chapters but there is still something 2 be said wich will make their battle complete...
I believe whatever he said holds some importance, so yeah we will know what he said eventually..through Sasuke.
" Sasuke, you have growned... "

" Sasuke, I love you.....>.>:LOS "

" Sasuke, You still lack the hatred "

" Madara, will pawn you...noob.... * Itachi Smiles *
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"Sasuke, forgive me ... see the truth"
And by poking his forehead he transferred Sasuke into a genjutsu-state with his "super-gaara-rescue-arc-genjutsu-finger" My guess...
Maybe he told Sasuke what Naruto told Itachi!
"I am a better brother than you 'ttebayo"
since he was saying something related to his eyes before..."my eyes"

so probably he said "are yours" or "take them" :LOS
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