Itachi's final words and Jiraiya's message... related?

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Just couldn't help but see the parallel here. Both fights end with unknown messages and a cliffhangers. Coincidence? Perhaps.. but knowing Kishi I think he is setting up something pretty big. Mabye Itachi wasn't all bad, or perhaps at the end he revealed some information that is critical to the understanding of how Akatsuki works. And he possibly said something about Naruto and the Nine Tails.
Strongly doubt the relation myself. If Itachi did say something it most likely would have been more about the Uchiha and Madara rather than Naruto and the Kyuubi.
I think Jiraiya's words had to do more with the secret of the Rinnegan/Pain's 6 bodies, though it's a good possibility that what Itachi just told Sasuke is the same thing he told Naruto when he asked to have a word with him in the forest.
Jiraiya's message was about Pein.

Itachi's inaudible words were some last message to fuck Sasuke up or the ranting of a delirious mind.

Probably something related to their childhood.
Definitely related. Enter the parallels! :zaru

Pein is Naruto's benchmark villain.

Madara is Sasuke's benchmark villain.

Jiraiya left vital information on Pein behind that will eventually be used against Pein by Naruto.

Itachi left vital information on Madara behind that will eventually be used against Madara by Sasuke.

Or something along those lines.


Also...on Itachi's words to Sasuke...see mah sig.
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